About Windblown Workshop

Windblown Workshop is a place where the substance of our dreams are given a chance to occupy time and space right alongside us. Where the unreal can become real. 

We are based in New Zealand, operating out of the world's coolest little capital, Te Whanganui-a-Tara. Our drive is to encourage others to discover or re-discover their inner Creative and to inspire people to see the value that Art has in the world. 

Hoping that from amongst our work shared here, you might find something that sings out to you and finds a longstanding place in your life. Sparking joy, inspiring ideas and unearthing your creativity.

Because we believe there is a big or small Artist in each of us. Whether we use our creativity to solve problems, tell stories or beautify our world with sounds, shapes and colours. Art plays a part in everyone’s, every day.